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Molded case circuit breaker ARM1 series, ARM3 series, ARM5 series, ARM6 series know how much


Molded case circuit breaker ARM1 series, ARM3 series, ARM5 series, ARM6 series know how much


ARM3 Series

This is our Acereare Electric ARM3 series products.
ARM3 series is divided into ARM3, ARXM3, ARM3E series, of which ARM3E is our plastic case circuit breaker electronic products. There is a big difference between our 3 series and the 1 series.
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1, from the appearance, the ARM3 series is mainly 433u Pantone color number, the color presents a cold tone, giving a person a more technically rigorous attitude, exquisite appearance,

2, and the ARM3 series has 2 covers, ARM1 series is generally 1 cover.


3, the material of M3 series base and middle cover is DMC material, the top cover is nylon material, ARM1 series base and cover are DMC material. The design of M3 series 2 covers is mainly to facilitate the installation of internal accessories and improve the safety of the product.

4, from a technical point of view, ARXM3 internal structure optimization and upgrading, performance indicators are relatively more stable than ARM3 series.

5. At the same time, in order to meet the market demand, we have also produced an economic product of M3 series, which is a product with more economical performance based on the C model of the 3 series, and the price is more acceptable to customers compared with this index.

6. Based on user habits, ARM3 series will slowly iterate our ARM1 series products at the same price and quality.


ARM5 Series

ARM5 series we collectively referred to as ARM5 double breakpoint products. This is a different product from the ARM3 and ARM6 series (single breakpoint), it is the only series that is dual breakpoint, its Icu and Ics up to 150kA-200kA.


ARM6 Series

Finally, introduce our ARM6 series products. The ARM6 series is mainly defined as new energy, ARM6DC, ARM6HU and ARM6Z. Here's how they differ.


ARM6DC is our DC plastic-case circuit breaker for photovoltaic, working current 63A-500A, input voltage 1000VD-1500VDC. ARM6HU is our AC plastic-case circuit breaker for photovoltaic, operating voltage 800VAC, 1000VAC and 1140VAC, current 63A-630A.

ARM6Z measurement intelligent switch, mainly used in the national grid and the southern network circuit breaker, according to the annual local characteristics of the technical parameters requirements, the requirements will be different each year, this is its main features:
● Comprehensive protection
● Real-time measurement
● Electric energy measurement
● Four-remote function
● Flexible communication
● Condition monitoring
● High reliability
● Temperature detection

We currently have three shell frames, 250, 400 and 630A, which are divided into conventional and liquid crystal models.