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Thermosetting molds / parts

Thermosetting plastics are pressed into a variety of thermosetting molding products by using molds. The characteristics of the products are excellent strength, temperature resistance and insulation. The equipment is a four-column hydraulic press, which can press various thermosetting products. Our company takes molds as the core and integrates the production of thermosetting products into a whole, which is efficient、convenient and technologically advanced. We can make any thermosetting products, which are widely used in electrical, medical, aviation and automobile industries, and other industries closely related to people's lives.


Thermoplastic Molds / Parts

Plastic plastics or thermosetting plastics are made into a variety of plastic products by using plastic molding molds. The granular materials are sucked by suction machine to reach the hopper-type plastic dryer for drying, and melt into a liquid state after the hydraulic valve moves and the melting cylinder is heated at high temperature and high pressure, injected into various molds, and cooled and molded into shape, then various special-shaped and sized industrial products are obtained. 

Injection molding is a complicated process. Our company takes molds as the core and integrates manufacturing of injection molding machine as a whole. We can make any thermoplastic products. It can be used in electrical, medical, auto parts, life and other fields closely related to people's daily life.


Metal stamping molds

The metal stamping parts complete complicated stamping processes through blanking belt, trimming, punching, multi-process bending, and screw thread, riveting and blanking with a tapping machine, etc. The equipment is a metal punch. Our company takes the mold as the core, and obtains various types of hardware parts by changing the molded embedded lump and using full-automatic equipment, integrating blanking, molding and tapping. Through medium and high-speed equipment, high precision and high stability of parts are achieved, their service life is guaranteed, technology is advanced, mold modification and molding are accepted. Widely used in electrical, medical, auto parts, life and other fields closely related to people's daily life.



Our company has strong welding core competitiveness, advanced technology of automatic equipment, and flexible acceptance of parts welding processes from all walks of life. The welding is carried out through copper feeding, copper part picking, solder paste dripping, silver point picking, silver point detection and positioning, silver point welding and finished product picking, finished product picking inspection. The equipment is a fully automatic welding machine with advanced technology, high convenience and high efficiency. Silver spot welding is conducted by heating the copper parts, which have no corrosion damage and does not cause the surface of the silver spot to fade and soften and keeps the original state of the silver spot from the factory.

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